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You’ve Got Crews; Do You Have Roofing Supplements?

You’ve Got Crews; Do You Have Roofing Supplements?

Are you a roofing company owner who has assembled your crews, found customers, and locked in jobs? Then this blog is for you.

About Insurance Companies, Adjusters, and Roofing Claims

If you’ve been in the roofing industry for long, you know what roofing supplements are. Nevertheless, here’s a Cliff Notes summary.

When a homeowner contacts their insurance company to get a new roof, the insurance company sends out an adjuster to the customer’s home. The adjuster gets up on the roof, walks it, takes notes and measurements, and then produces an estimate of how much it’ll cost to install the new roof. The insurance company informs the homeowner how much it will pay.

Often, however, adjusters miss things. Adjuster oversights happen for different reasons, including mistakes made, ignorance about local code requirements, or attempts to skimp in order to save the insurance company money.

Regardless of why adjusters leave things out of estimates, the fact is, omissions happen. The consequence is that the insurance company check won’t be enough to cover all the necessary work on the new roof. Which brings us to the subject of roofing supplements.

What Are Roofing Supplements?

Roofing supplements are claims that supplement the homeowner’s initial insurance claim. In effect, it’s the homeowner going back to the insurance company to say, “Hey, your adjuster’s estimate didn’t include these important things that also need to be done. I request additional money from you to cover these extra things my roofer will have to do.”

Most homeowners won’t know how to file a roofing supplement (or what to put on it), and here’s where you come in. You (roofing company owner) complete the supplement claim form for the homeowner, including the Overhead & Profit section. That section is the area that legitimately builds in a portion of the claim amount for you (making all of this worthwhile).

Completing Roofing Supplements: Don’t Do This at Home

Scenario #1

Yes, you can complete roofing supplements yourself. You could also train office staff to do it. You’ll need to get Xactimate software and learn it thoroughly, making sure you understand all the fine points so that you don’t miss anything yourself. If it’s not you doing the supplements, a staff person will have to do them, and then a subsequent staff person when the first staff person quits. (You know how hard it is to keep good help.) Remember, you’ll be training all of them.

Scenario #2

Get a professional company to complete all your roofing supplements. We recommend American Roof Supplements (ARS), our sister company. ARS has been writing supplements for years, earning customers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. ARS supplements cost a flat $150 each. Use this link to request a supplement from ARS.

Get the experts to fill out your roofing supplements and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing nothing will be missed and no money will get left on the table!

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