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The Ladder Pad Every Roofer and Roof Inspector Needs

The Ladder Pad Every Roofer and Roof Inspector Needs

Don’t judge me for what I’m about to tell you. (You’ve probably done this yourself at least once.)

Back in the day, my roofing guys and I would go up an extension ladder to one of those skinny sections of a roof, haul up the ladder, and set it on that skinny section. Then I’d get behind the ladder, lean my back against the wall siding, and grip the ladder while the crew climbed it to the top sections of the roof.

The ladder never slid off the shingles while I was holding it, but it could have. That possibility was always there. Don’t tell me it was dumb and dangerous. I know.

So last year, when I learned about the Double Pull Pad (now called The Ladder Pad), I thought, “This is genius.”

The Steep Roof Solution

The tagline for the Double Pull Pad is: “The first ladder pad designed specifically for use on a steep pitch roof.”  It’s a pad that grips the surface of asphalt shingles. It provides a stable base for telescopic ladders and can be placed on sloped asphalt-shingled roofs.

the ladder pad is for use on sloped shingled roofs

The Ladder Pad’s Properties & Specs

The Ladder Pad (its rebranded name in 2022) measures 19” x 16” and is three inches tall. The bottom is covered with quarter-inch-thick lux foam that grips asphalt shingles securely. A notched pressure-treated yellow-pine beam spans the top of The Ladder Pad. The ladder feet rest against the beam in the notches.

When positioned on a sloping shingle roof, The Ladder Pad grips the aggregate and stays solidly in place.

At six pounds, The Ladder Pad is light enough to be carried anywhere.

Care of the Pad

The Ladder Pad must be stored in a dry place away from intense heat. So, no tossing it into the back of a truck and leaving it there in a rainstorm.

Who Created It?

The designer of the Double Pull Pad is a roof inspector. He used to haul around an extension ladder for his jobs. Then he decided to switch to using two telescopic ladders, one for accessing the lower section of the roof and the other to access a higher section of the roof. To keep the feet of the second ladder from sliding off the roof, he put a foam-backed plywood square under them. That homemade solution was the prototype for The Double Pull Pad, now called The Ladder Pad.

Get Ladder Pads for Your Roofing Crews

If I’d known about The Ladder Pad years ago, I’d have bought several in a heartbeat.

I recommend you get a few for your crews. Or, if you’re a roof inspector, get one for yourself.

They ship from North Carolina, fully assembled. Take them out of the shipping box, throw ‘em in your vehicle (but don’t leave them in the rain!), and put them to work.

Get one now while we’re talking about it. You know how it goes—if you don’t do it now, you’ll forget about it in ten minutes. Americas Roofing Directory is an affiliate of The Ladder Pad. Use this link to order your Ladder Pads.  They’re $75.


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